The Fit Out Awards presents an opportunity for your work to be evaluated by industry experts, garner recognition from your peers, benchmark against competitors, and draw in new clients, customers, and top talent to your organisation. See what others have to say.

Jacqueline Morgan


We're very excited, and amazed, such a good accolade to get recognised, and acknowledged by our clients for all the hard work that we've done. And the whole team was so fabulous throughout the whole process..

Barry Goulding

Director - BSG DESIGN

Really good awards to enter and review of what you've done through the year and then it brings our team together and shows everyone in our company what we've done. It's a great night out for all our team from Ireland enjoying it.

Derek Gormley


Winning an award like this is great for our business, great for our brand, it's great for building what the business is about going forward.

Andrew O'Donoghue

Head of Interior Architecture - TODD ARCHITECTS

It's a great piece of promotion for a company and what we do and what we believe in. We're really happy to get our name out, not only in the Irish market, but, in the wider market as well.

Ralph Bingham

MOLA Architecture Winner of Fit Out Project of the Year - International, Fit Out Project of the Year - Small Office over €500K 2019

This event is always great for socialising, for meeting people in the industry. So, I think it is probably the premier event in the calendar for fit out, for architects and clients and property people. So, it is great to be here, great to win a few awards.

Nikki Fetherston

Henry J Lyons Winner of Fit Out Project of the Year & Fit Out Project of the Year - Large Office in 2019

It’s really good to be in front of all your peers. The ‘Large Fit Out’ category was an extremely tough category; our competition was amazing this year. And the Fit Out of the Year’ has just blown us away, it was amazing to get that with the competition in the room, just spectacular.

Mark Kennedy

Reddy Architecture + Urbanism Winner of Fit Out Project of the Year - Public Sector & Fit Out Project of the Year - Medium Office in 2019

I was delighted! It was a very important project for us. We love these types of projects and we love getting recognition for our work. Really good fun, really good room. Lots of people tonight, very lively. All round good evening.

Ronan Hollohan

MILLIMETRE DESIGN Winner of Fit Out Project of the Year - Hospitality in 2019

It was great to re-live what we did over a year ago and it was a fantastic project to win. It is always a great night, so many faces and names, people you have met over the course of the year - it is good to see them all dressed up for the night! We had good fun as well.

Todd Altman

Chief Executive, SAS international, 2019 sponsor

We are very happy with the sponsorship of this event. Tonight, we met most of our customers that we deal with in Ireland. There was a good mix of developers, architects and fit out contractors. It’s been excellent.

​Barry McCabe

McCabe Design Group Winner of Fit Out Designer of the Year in 2017 ​

I must be in the industry for 25-30 years and it’s probably the best accolade I have had from my peers; and my clients where at the table, as was my wife, so it was really fantastic.

Matt Ryan

Press Up Entertainment Group Outstanding Contribution Award 2018 recipient

It’s been a long journey, lots of hard work and we’re absolutely delighted that it’s come into fruition and been acknowledged here this evening. I’m absolutely delighted to be the recipient of this award, we’re just so honoured at Press Up that all our work has come and arrived at this point where we’re here receiving this award, it’s fantastic.

Pat Buckley

Account Manager, Interface, 2019 sponsor

Really exciting, it’s the who is who of the fit out industry. So many familiar faces and so many people who we’ve never met in person but talk to regularly over the phone and email, and it’s a great opportunity to chat to these people in a social setting. It will raise our profile in the marketplace, and we recently purchased Nora rubber flooring and we want to mark that with some publicity.

Aaron O’Grady

Founder, Vision Creative Studios, 2019 sponsor

We’ve been supporting this event for four years now and it’s a great night because it allows everybody in the industry to appreciate all the hard work done over the past year and actually recognise the people who have put in those long hours, the long lost weekends, and be able to mingle in a formal way and to enjoy the night and to have a good time.

Tony Ptohopoulos

Managing Director, Riverside Group, 2018 sponsor

There are companies who we’ve not heard of, there are companies we’ve heard of, there are companies we want to work with and there’s companies we do work with. You send emails every day, hundreds of emails to these guys and you’re just a word at the end of a computer but to see them shake hands and get to know them personally is really good.